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17 Garbage Collection

Guile log sports full garbage collection of logical variables which makes it suitable to run server like prolog code. It is experimental but working. Unfourtunately the bdw-gc that guile uses does not allow this to work effectively and hence you need to download and replace the standard bdw-gc with a modified version of it. You may find it at

Now you typically build this and make sure to save the old that guile is using (you can google how to find which shared libraries guile is using) and then clobber the bdw-gc .so file with the newly created one (sic). This is of cause not a simple thing to do, but until we can get some comparable feature in bdw-gc this is what you need to do. Then finally when configureing guile log do something like

./configure --with-logical-gc

And then make, make install and you will run guile-log with garbage collection on. Then on to happy hacking!.

To note is that only variables and cons cells allocated from stacks will support garbage collecting. Knaren style variables is fundamentally broken with respect to this and one need for that style use other techniques like making use of return variables in functions and the small but potent hacks you may find in the kanren sources. Another option is to make use of guile-log’s <call> that will basically only transfer the set of variables in the result essentially skiping all intermediate allocations.